Since the inception of Graceland Tattoo, proprietor/ tattooer Adam Lauricella has worked long and hard to provide a stimulating and creative environment where the client's needs are Graceland Tattoo's first consideration. Graceland Tattoo offers thousands of neatly displayed flash designs; drawn and painted in full color by leaders in the art of tattooing. We also have a large selection of Body Jewelry to suit everyone's taste. Graceland Tattoo uses 316 LVM, implant grade, surgical stainless steel. We carry titanium and solid gold pieces as well. We are always prepared to place special orders and work closely with companies who can supply precious and semi-precious stones, in addition to synthetic gem stones.

Each independent artist at Graceland Tattoo shares the same philosophy as Adam in running a safe and sanitary studio. Each work station is constructed of stainless steel, which contributes to the clean and safe working environment. All of our clients receive single-service use on all products (i.e. needles, inks, etc.). Additionally, any non disposable instruments are autoclave sterilized prior to each use. Our autoclave is spore tested weekly by an independent laboratory to ensure hospital grade sterilization. The needles and individual setup are properly disposed of following the tattooing/piercing experience. After your tattoo or piercing, we will go over aftercare with each client and provide detailed aftercare instructions when you leave our studio. We've done our job, now it's time to do yours. Of course we are always available for any comments, questions or concerns before and after your experience.

In addition to our hospital grade sterilization, our artists work very hard to create custom designs for everyone's individual tattoo, and the body piercers are focused on pin point accuracy. We want our clients to leave the studio proud to show off their new tattoo or piercing.

"Our many years of experience as individual artists in the craft, and my personal belief that Graceland Tattoo clients are number one, creates an environment that is very welcoming and relaxing."

Our studio has been thoughtfully created with the client and artist in mind. We have art of all styles in all mediums, which contributes to our creative environment. The tattooers are focused on the history of our beloved craft and maintaining the integrity those who came before us have established. That's clear in the volumes of historical tattoo reference and the constant immersion in the craft of tattooing. Graceland Tattoo has something for everyone, whether you are interested in tattoos, piercings or accompanying someone who is.

At Graceland Tattoo we promise our clients the respect and diligence they deserve. We welcome everybody who is searching for quality tattooing that will last a lifetime. So stop in and meet the artists working in the studio. They are in command of their own schedules so you may want to call ahead to be sure they are in. Feel free to check us out, ask any questions you may have...we'll work hard to see to it you leave satisfied.


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