Yes, You Do Need a New Piercing

We provide body piercing services in Wappingers Falls, NY

Getting a new piercing can signify many things to different people - celebrate a promotion, blow off steam after a break-up, or choose to express yourself in a new, authentic way.

We wouldn't let just anybody adorn your body. Our piercers are thoroughly trained in safe practices, accurate placement, and follow-up care.

We take on most piercing projects. Our piercers love the freedom and creativity to give you the most esthetic, well-placed piercing possible. There are some piercings we don't perform, like cheeks and snake eyes, so please feel free to call ahead if you're looking for something more unusual.

5 key ways to keep your piercing healthy

Body piercing aftercare is a crucial part of the healing process. To avoid infections or keloids, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Always wash your hands before cleaning.
  2. Use only piercer recommended aftercare products, such as sterile saline.
  3. Don't touch your piercing with dirty hands, objects (ie phone, headphones), or products (ie make-up).
  4. Clean your piercing twice a day, unless recommended otherwise by your piercer.
  5. Take vitamins like C and Zinc to help boost your immune system.

Don't worry, you'll be receiving a full brochure of aftercare instructions from your piercer and they're available to answer any questions or help with any problems that may arise. We also have H2Ocean body piercing aftercare products available for purchase.

Most piercing problems are easily taken care of with the proper aftercare and follow-up with your piercer. If you are worried about potential irritation issues or slow-healing, please let us know and we'll take every step to steer you in the right direction to happy healing.

All children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in order to get a piercing. Visit our shop in Wappingers Falls, NY today.

Body Piercing

Projects are priced by piece- all prices include jewelry that is appropriate for initial healing

Book a Piercing Appointment

You may reschedule your appointment with a minimum of 24 hours notice

Body Piercing Menu


  • Single: 40
  • Double: 60


  • Outer Helix: 40
  • Double Helix: 60
  • Flat: 50
  • Conch: 60
  • Rook: 60
  • Tragus: 60
  • Daith: 65
  • Industrial: 65


  • Single: 60
  • Double: 100
  • Triple: 115


  • Monroe: 65
  • Philtrum: 65
  • Vertical Labret: 65
  • Single Lower Hoops: 55
  • Double Lower Hoops: 90
  • Single Lower Stud: 65
  • Double Lower Studs: 110


  • Hoop: 55
  • Plain Ball: 60
  • Gem: 80


  • Plain ball: 65
  • Gem: 80


  • One: 65
  • Double: 120










Single Bar: 95
Double: 170


  • Single: 90
  • Double: 160


  • Hood: 100
  • Labia: 100
  • Christina:100+
  • Prince Albert: 125
  • Frenum: 100
  • Hafada: 100


  • H2Ocean: 20

Initial body jewelry is ASTM-F138 Steel, ASTM F-136 Titanium, 14k or higher gold, and custom pieces will affect the price and are available by special order or in-stock availability. Ask about upgrades! Gems available.