Job Description:

Graceland Tattoo has begun the process of adding a tattoo artist to the team. We are closing in on our 18th year of operation and have maintained steady, loyal clientele. We're a solid blend of Walk in Street Shop and Custom Tattoo Studio. Our shop has undergone some changes but we are very busy working hard to meet the demand. This is a great opportunity for a young, but experienced tattooer who is looking to learn, grow, and hone their skills. It's also perfect for a seasoned pro who wants to set up camp and get to work. Either way we are looking for someone who wants to contribute and someone who is eager to work.

We welcome all styles and encourage versatility. The shop is well organized with a support staff who cares. We are laid back, yet professional and focus on client service. If you are interested in discussing the possibility of a mutually beneficial relationship please fill out the form below.

Tweakers, prima donnas, and free loaders need not apply.