Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic each independent artist at Graceland Tattoo shared the same philosophy - to run a safe and sanitary studio. As we navigate our "new normal" we will continue to uphold this philosophy.

We have in place numerous measurements to ensure that we are providing a safe and clean studio. For example, each work station is constructed of stainless steel, which contributes to the clean and safe working environment. All of our clients receive single-service use on all products (i.e. needles, inks, etc.). Additionally, any non-disposable instruments are autoclave sterilized prior to each use. Furthermore, we are implementing all state regulations such as the use of face masks by both employees & customers and enforcing social distancing as much as possible.

COVID protocol when coming to our shop includes:

•Your temperature will be taken upon entry.
•We ask that you DO NOT wear a neck gaiter in place of a mask.
•We also ask, if you have been outside of NYS within 14 days of your appointment, that you reschedule your appointment with us.
*Returning from a trip, and having a test within the 1st few days will not be considered acceptable.
(There is an incubation period and we ask that you consider this.)
• Unless you are under 18 and coming to a piercing appointment, you must come to your appointment alone. This will limit foot traffic and limit the amount of people who may have to "trace back to us" should they become sick. This will cause us to have to temporarily shut our doors. These precautions are taken out of an abundance of caution, so that we may continue to operate safely and so that we can continue to work as the months go on.
• Lastly, if you're attending a large holiday gathering, please consider letting us know and we can move your appointment to a later date. A minimum of 24 hours notice is courteous and very much appreciated. (Parties are planned, illness or exposure is not).
• We have air purifying devices throughout the shop and monitor the shop's air quality daily.

Controlling our own actions autonomously, helps keep big government from controlling us. So please try and do your part to act responsibly and we commit to doing the same. Thanks for your cooperation. We'll get through this, hang in there!