We the Piercers

As we get back into the groove of reopening Graceland Tattoo, we wanted to share our new guidelines.

First, we ask for your patience. Like all of you, we're excited to get back to our normal routines. However, our routines are accompanied by New York States specific guidelines.

1)No piercings will be performed in areas covered by your mask. This includes nostril, septum, and any oral piercings. We will be keeping tabs on this regulation and update you as it changes.

2)No support friends or family in the shop. Only the person getting pierced will be allowed in the shop (mask required). If you are a minor, one parent or guardian may accompany you (masks required for both parties).

3)Appointments only. This includes piercing, jewelry sales, and jewelry changes. You are welcome to call the day of and set up a time with us and we will let you know our availability. You can wait in your car and we will call when we're ready for you.

What are we doing for you?

1)Victoria and Allison have completed Covid specific training.
2)Masks will be worn at all times in the common areas. For work in the piercing room, masks and face shields will be worn along with our usual disposable nitrile gloves.
3)We will maintain our high level of disinfection routine before and after clients, along with hand washing protocols.
4)Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the shop.

What can you do?

1)Know we're trying as hard as you are. Be patient, be kind, and be forgiving as we step back out into the world.
2)Bring your own pen. We'll still have you filling out our consent form. IDs are still necessary.
3)Be healthy. If you're under the weather with a cold, flu, or are displaying covid symptoms - please - be better safe than sorry and stay home. Remember, we have families to go home to as well and we'd all like to remain healthy.
4)Still take good care of your piercing. Don't forget we're back in swimming weather, so plan ahead for any trips or swimming outings. No swimming for an absolute minimum of two weeks.